New York Int’l Fringe Festival

Friends Like These by Gregory Crafts at the New York International Fringe Festival

“…a gentle drama about the instability of adolescence and the trauma of young love.”

“…a shrewd study of modern adolescence.”
– Backstage

“…beats watching a Gossip Girl rerun!”
– New York Observer

“…Crafts eloquently captures the petty jealousies, pointless cruelties, and heightened self-consciousness of painful adolescence.”
– Backstage

“All the actors lend a lived-in, improvisatory atmosphere to the  piece,  making it hard not to empathize with their characters, even at  their  most foolish.”

“Matthew Grondin, as Garrett, and Sarah Smick, as Nicole, are perfectly cast. Ryan J. Hill and Jen Bailey convey the wild self-delusion that plagues the teenage years. Sean Fitzgerald directs the play with a flawless sense of timing, allowing for awkward pauses and nervous stammers without slackening the pace.”
– Backstage

"GO" - LA Weekly
Friends Like These by Gregory Crafts was an Official Selection of the 2010 New York International Fringe Festival

August 2010
The Cherry Pit in New York City, NY
Produced by Theatre Unleashed

production team
Directors – Sean Fitzgerald & Vance Roi Reyes
Fight Choreography – Sean Fitzgerald
Stage Manager – Erin Scott
Costume Design – Katie Sikkema
Lighting Design – Gregory Crafts
Sound Design – Corwin Evans
Press Agent – Jim Martyka
Graphic Design – Jenn Scuderi

Matthew Grondin as Garrett
Ryan J. Hill as Bryan
Jen Bailey as Diz
Sarah Smick as Nicole
Jay Rincon as Jesse

special thanks
The Scuderi Group, Jenn Scuderi, Phil Kelly, John Lant, Will Manus, Paul Casey, Linda Fulton, Paul Storiale, Total Improv Kids, Paul Eppleston, Sarah Gold, Andrew Paul Holguin, Roberto’s Bar, Gentle Giant Ltd., Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Sari Sanchez, Jacob Crumbine, Glenndalf, The Great Omar, Jackson Ridd, Gordon Capps, Leeman Parker, Wacko The Magician, Peter & Lauren Crafts, Sal & Ruth Scuderi, Mark & Maddie Crafts, Joseph McMahon, Luis Guerrero, Pat & Joe Trupia, Christopher Ardohain, Barbara MacDonald, Michelle Fitzgerald, Keif Fitzgerald, Eileen Crafts, Kevin Crafts & Glenn Marziali, Kan Mattoo, Deborah Carman, Marie Mead Oliphant, Angela Gill, Beth & Lisa Zabeilski, Matthew C. Mason, Tara Hernandez, Martha Sikkema, Joanne Maile, Heidi Oas, Brenda Goldstein, Colleen Reilly, Meghan McCauley, Susannah Myrvold, Maureen Shea & Justin R. Rahmani, Tom & Christine Ashworth, Jimmy Gamble, Catherine Harter, Michael Gordon Shapiro, Pam Noles, Geoffrey Golden, Renee Howard, Raedia Sikkema Albinson, Tracey Collins, Carol Anne Seflinger, Dan Ronquillo, Alicia Fitzgerald, Jessica W. Zen, Jeff Brittan, Ana Therese Lopez, Courtney Bell, Aaron Kozak, John Tanzer, Doug Oliphant, Booth Daniels, David Wisehart, Gedaly Guberek, Ian Michaels, Padded Envelopes, Annie Wolf, Kate Stremme, Darci Dixon, Kenny’s Plumbing, Benjamin Atkinson, Joshua Morrison, Nicole Bozorgmir, Ben Hill & The Hollywood Fringe Festival, Bitter Lemons, Sarah Quigley, The Emerson Mafia, James Esposito, Chromolume Radio, Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast, Adrienne Grady, The LARP Alliance, Michael T. Coleman, Jaimyon Parker, Jenny Byrd, Ryan Omega, Courtney Kraft, Jovial Kemp, Pinocchio Syndrome