How to Build LARPing-Safe Boffer Shields

How to build a larp-safe shield

Boffer shields can be made from several different types of material. One convenient and well-sized boffer shield base is a foam boogie board.


  • Boogie Board
  • Duct Tape
  • Two adjustable slide-clasp belts
  • Knife / Scissors

The Process

Determine where your arm will sit on the back of the shield. Cut horizontal holes above and below where your upper forearm and hand are placed. Feed the belts through the holes in the board to create straps. Make sure the buckle and loose end of the belt sit on the inside of the shield. Once the belts are through, secure them to the shield by covering the outer face of the boogie board with duct tape. Close the straps around your forearm and tighten to fit. You’re done!

There are many other methods you can use to create boffer shields of all shapes and sizes. Some can be made of plywood or panel board cores. Shields with hard cores (wood, etc) should have 5/8″ thick pipe insulation wrapped around the edge, duct taped lengthwise, like a boffer sword. Some games will also require a layer of open cell foam applied directly to the face of the shield and secured with tape. The thickness required varies from game to game.