San Diego International Fringe Festival

“Powerful performances and a relatable storyline make this a memorable, moving, and above all, must-see show.”
– East Village San Diego

“…the choreography of their Haven scenes made me believe [Director Wendy Gough] Soroka could convincingly stage Lord of the Rings in my living room.”
– San Diego Story

“Crafts has developed his characters sufficiently for the audience to actually care what happens to these young strivers.”
– San Diego Story

“Sharma gave Garrett depth and empathy, slowly and credibly building his self-confidence in pursuit of Nicole, and Koo cannily turned this airhead cheerleader into a kinder and gentler teen.”
– San Diego Story

“Considering the limitations of the space, [Greogry Crafts’] lighting proved surprisingly effective, equal to Corwin Evans’ low-key but eerie enough sound design.”
– San Diego Story


"GO" - LA Weekly

July 2014
Bread & Salt / Art Pulse in San Diego, CA 
Produced by Theatre Unleashed & Mad Magpie

production team
Director – Wendy Gough Soroka
Fight Choreography – Sean Fitzgerald
Stage Manager – Erin Scott
Costume Design – Katie Sikkema
Lighting Design – Gregory Crafts
Sound Design – Corwin Evans
Press Agent – Jim Martyka
Graphic Design – Jenn Scuderi
Wrestling Consultant – J. Anthony McCarthy

Scott Sharma as Garrett
Sean Casey Flanagan as Bryan
Sammi Lappin as Diz
Parissa Koo as Nicole
Wade Wilson as Jesse

special thanks
Aaron Lyons
Peter & Lauren Crafts
Kevin Patterson & The SD Fringe Team
April, Charles, Amy and the rest of the Art Pulse Team